2019-20 Coaching Staff

Capital Soccer Club is pleased to announce the Senior Staff assignments for the 2019-2020 club season.  Capital Soccer Club's unique coaching setup includes Senior Staff members, who have more then 75+ years of coaching experience combined at all levels, are paired with several Head coaches to effectively run the teams within the club.   

New for the 2019-2020 club season, all Senior Staff coaches will now be responsible for dual age programs (U10, U12, U14, U16, U19) instead of single birth-year teams. By having Senior Staff members in charge of dual age programs we are providing our coaching staff with more flexibility and resources to continue to pursue our goals outlined in the Club Philosophy.  

Players in the dual age program will still be placed on individual teams; however, Senior Staff coaches now have the option of training players in the dual age programs either together as a pool, or in individual teams, depending on the size of the program (number of players) as well as the stage of development within the group. This could also mean more flexibility between rosters in the dual age program to ensure players are being placed in developmentally appropriate competitions.

By making this change to assigning one Senior Staff coach to a dual age program, we believe we are able to better create a competitive training environment by having a critical mass of players for every team training session; can better provide a more consistent education to players across dual age programs; and can continue to offer a wide range of competitive opportunities for all of our players.

2019-2020 Senior Staff Assignments - (click the team link to see schedule overview)

U10 Youth Academy (2010-11 birth year) - George Cook/John Dellipriscoli

U12 Girls (2008-09 birth year) - Steve Towne

U12 Boys (2008-09 birth year) - John Dellipriscoli

U14 Girls (2006-07 birth year) - Rob Moran

U14 Boys (2006-07 birth year) - Eric Bagley

U16 Girls (2004-05 birth year) - Eric Bagley

U16 Boys (2004-05 birth year) - John Dellipriscoli

U19 Girls (2001-03 birth year) - Don Haddox

U19 Boys (2001-03 birth year) - Don Haddox