Capital Soccer is committed to achieving soccer excellence in Vermont through quality instruction and competition in a challenging, supportive environment.

Capital Soccer promotes Passion for the game of soccer at every level, encouraging ongoing participation by players, fans, and community members.

Capital Soccer is founded on the principles of Fair Play, Sportsmanship, and Community Spirit. Its directors, staff, and participants appreciate the role that constructive athletic programs play in enhancing individual character and civic pride, and seek to integrate soccer into the region’s tradition of strong community involvement in local sports.

Goals and Objectives


  • To improve the quality of soccer in Vermont
  • To increase participation in soccer at both adult and youth levels
  • To establish Capital Soccer as a respected member of the Vermont Community


  • To develop technically skilled players through intensive clinics and camps
  • To develop quality coaching through clinics, workshops, and increased exposure to high-level soccer environments and technical and tactical expertise
  • To garner continuous support from local businesses, schools, community groups, and families
  • To remain sensitive to the needs and demands of the community it serves
  • To create a premier club system to pool the region’s top players
  • To operate sustainably